One of the qualities you should consider when purchasing wine is its sustainability with minimal impact on the planet resources.
Large-scale intensive agriculture is reality into wine making. Pesticides, herbicides, extra sulphites are widely used, ending up into your wine, then into your body.
Making natural wines like “the old days” requires time, hard work, incredible knowledge of the terroir biodiversity.

Sicily terroir and wine making is a great example of virtue.
One of our favourite wineries – and best seller – is Castellucci Miano. They apply sustainable agriculture for the making of their beautiful, incredibly flavoured and award winning natural wines.
What do they use as fertilizer? Cow poop! Pesticides and herbicides? None, only alternative, natural ancient methods.

The photo taken by my friend Piero Buffa, CM general manager, shows the harvest of Perricone, the most ancient Sicilian indigenous grape, planted in Valledolmo since the 16th century.

We are the exclusive UK retailer of Castellucci Miano, superb organic and award winning wines.

p.s. In only two weeks, we sold out their Perricone… again!


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