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Meet your wine tasting panel… my family!

Let me introduce your wine tasting panel: the Raimondi’s family! A clan of very bonded souls. One brother, three sisters, one sister-in-law, one brother-in-law and one gorgeous, smart nephew. They may not be involved running our Bistro in Scone, but help us a lot discovering and tasting new wines. Their opinion and expertise is very […]

Castellucci Miano winery, love at first taste

In the last days of September, my wine tasting trip takes me to Castellucci Miano, a small wine company and one of our best seller at the Bistro and online. I always look forward to visit them to taste the latest vintage and chat with Piero Buffa, the general manager, and Tonino Guzzo, the winemaker. […]


My wine list for a hot, Sicilian summer day

In Sicily, even mid September, can be really hot! What is the perfect wine to chill out on a Sicilian summer day? The heat would suggest a wine that can be chilled to refresh the palat, like a white or a rosè. Surprisingly, even a light bodied red can be very enjoyable in the summer! […]


Are Sicilian wines a good choice? The New York Times says yes!

Our customers ask this question from time to time: “Why should I buy a Sicilian wine?”.  The answer is “For many good reasons, it’s a great choice!” The land, the history, the tradition, the dedication of incredible winemakers and so on. But this is only Laura’s word! So, when the most prestigious wine critics join […]


How to choose a wine and avoid mistakes

The wine arranged in the supermarket shelves intimidates, all of us. Here a (wee) guide and some tricks to purchase with more confidence. The first rule? Choose based on what you usually like. In short, the grape that you would always like to find on the table. A basic guideline: the climate. The hotter the […]