When a passionate Sicilian woman met a proud Scotsman, they fell in love and were married in his rugged homeland.

The seeds of our business were sown on our wedding day. It only made sense to bring some of the richness of Sicilian life to the occasion and what better way to enchant our guests than to ship wine from that vibrant isle? Our guests were enthralled by the unique flavour and Sicily cast its spell over our loved ones.

As Sicilian wine is not readily available in the United Kingdom and is tragically unknown in Scotland, we sought to enliven the Scottish palate with the authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

In three short years, the wine tasting business was perfected and the bistro opened to the public. It is the first of its kind in the area, boasting all the charm of silvery olive trees, lazy afternoons exploring the Catania market and the endless blue embrace of the sea.

We invite our guests with open arms to experience the unforgettable taste of Sicily!


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